How to Download Windows 10 ISO File

How to Download Windows 10 ISO File bootable genuine official Microsoft setup single click direct highly compressed 32-bit and 64-bit setup.


Windows has multiple editions like other Windows operating system, It has an Enterprise, Education, and professional edition. All edition nature is very different they all are developed for different nature of users. Windows 10 has an amazing feature according to their Editions. Commonly people used Windows 10 Professional edition it is complete and one of best edition. It has a lot of new enhancements for users. It is the one of the major release developed by the Microsoft that's why it launched with the name of 10. We can say that it is the enhanced version of Windows 8.1. Due to its major update, they especially name it to 10.


Windows 10 has many new amazing features which are not present in your previous operating system. Also, they enhanced many features. Especially when we talk about privacy and security you are more secure on it and it will give you more protection about your privacy as compare to another operating system. It has great features which are very helpful, now you don't need to install hotspot connectify on your PC. Windows 10 has own Wifi hotspot which allows you many features, You can connect almost 8 devices on your Wifi Hotspot. It will allow you to set the limitation on each device which connected with your hotspot. You are able to change your wifi Password and Wifi hotspot name as well and share with your friends and family anywhere. It has a GPS which will help you to track your location.

This feature is also one of the security issues for the user. It will make more easy to track the user location. It has an amazing Windows store which is really easy to install a virus and malware free application from it. You are able to download any kind of utility from the official Windows Store. Microsoft developed their new browser after the failure of Internet Explorer, they added Microsoft Edge which is more reliable and fast as compared to internet explorer. You can send your feedback directly to the Microsoft which is really helpful, you can also share your amazing update idea's, your user experience with their official website owner. You can send feedback directly opening feedback form which is present in the start menu.

This operating system has one of my favorite feature CORTANA which is really helpful now you can search anything from your voice it is an amazing virtual assistant for your system which will help you and assist you in any problem. It has a new user interface which is more attractive as compared to Windows 8.1, 8, and 7. Your firewall is now more mature you are more protected as compared to before. It will block any kind of malicious program execution and attack on your system. It has their own Antivirus with the name of Windows defender Which will defend your operating system from viruses and delete viruses from your PC and USB. It will provide you real-time protection and protect you from spyware as well. You can up to date your Windows defender to protect your system from up to dated viruses, and malware.

It has an amazing feature and runs quietly in the background of your system. You can add multiple desktops on your screen and switch your desktop easily, which will make more ease while doing work you can do fast switching between one to another desktop. In this update, the start menu will back which is not present in Windows 8. The Cortana make smarter the latest start menu. It has a great look as well, we can say that it is the mixture of Windows 8, and Windows 7 start menu, Which will make attractive in looks.


  • GPS.
  • Wifi Hotspot.
  • Windows 10 Store.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Feeback section is available.
  • Cortana - Your Intelligent Virtual & Personal Assistant.
  • New user interface.
  • Updated firewall.
  • Windows Defender.
  • Multiple desktop support.
  • Start Menu is back with Cortana.

When you need to replace your Operating System

It is really simple when your system will be affected because of malware then you need to install the new operating system on your hardware. It will make your system again fast and reliable.

How to Install Windows 10 on your PC

It is simple to install the operating system on your PC, the main thing you must have the setup, which is available on our website. You just need to download the Windows 10 file. Burn your ISO bootable image file on USB or DVD flash drive.
  • USB Drive:
    • It is really simple to download Rufus bootable software from the official website and burn use this amazing tool to burn official iso bootable image to your USB drive.
  • DVD Installation:
    • You need to use Nero burning for burning iso bootable image to your CD, or DVD drive. Which you use to install the operating system on your PC.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO File

It is simple to download Windows 10 you can get the Windows 10 iso genuine bootable image with fast download speed.